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Generation Hope

Generation Hope is a proactive youth mentorship program designed to support middle and high school students through complex life issues, aiming to break cycles of abuse and trauma for a brighter future. Qualified mentors will dedicate meaningful time each week to a comprehensive character education curriculum, providing vital resources and opportunities to empower youth and building a network of care to support families.

Keeping hope alive for the next generation.

At All for One Ministries, our journey has been one of faith, love, and service to our community, but as we have grown and evolved, so have the needs of those we serve. In recent years, we have observed a troubling trend within our community, one that tugs at our hearts and compels us to take action.


Our community, like many others, is facing a growing crisis among its youth – a crisis marked by an alarming rise in drug and alcohol use, dating abuse and violence, mental health concerns, absent parental units, and more. These challenges threaten the well-being, safety, and future of our young people. It is within this context of need that we introduce Generation Hope.


Generation Hope is more than just a youth mentorship program; it is a lifeline for at-risk and high-risk students. Our vision is to pair these vulnerable young individuals with vetted mentors who will meet with them once a week in small group settings. Through these interactions, our dedicated mentors will instill essential character principles, promote integrity, and empower our youth to lead positive, fulfilling lives. Our hope is that these students will grow and develop into productive members of our community.


The urgency and necessity of this program cannot be overstated. The struggles faced by our youth are not abstract statistics; they are the faces and stories of our neighbors, our friends, and our children. The path to healing and transformation begins with our commitment to providing wise guidance, support, and unwavering love.

Let's keep hope alive for the next generation. It's time to make a difference.

Our Program

Through Generation Hope, we offer school-based mentoring for students. Dedicated adults regularly meet with students for one hour per week, fostering meaningful relationships while promoting character growth, socio-emotional development, and academic excellence.

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