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Visitors Commission providing financial help

GREENSBURG — Three local not-for-profit organizations are receiving financial help thanks to the Decatur County Visitors Commission.

All 4 1, the budding multi-denominational ministry featuring the Illuminate band, Main Street Westport, and the Greensburg Community Schools “Chautauqua” will all receive $2,500 grants to enrich their coming events dockets per a unanimous vote from the DCVC governing board, which met Wednesday.

All 4 1 Executive Director Alex Sefton spoke to the DCVC board, detailing plans for the upcoming Worship Night at High Point Orchard on Sept. 23. That event will feature music by Greensburg’s own Fire at Night, music and testimony by musician/performer Carolyn Goad-Pankalla, and the always heartfelt and inspiring band Illuminate, Greensburg’s very own version of the world renown “Hillsong” worship group/ministry.

New Westport Main Street Westport Executive Director Cassandra Sanders brought news of that community’s Oct. 13 event.

“As you might know, I am the new owner of what was Clarkson’s Market, and I have agreed to step into the retiring Joyce Brindley’s place,” Sanders said. “We have decided to do a complete 180 in revitalizing these events and, being new to grant writing, I want to thank Teresa Morrow for her assistance in writing this grant. She has been very kind.”

Sanders continued saying that last year’s Westport Fall Festival enjoyed roughly 250 attendees, and that the goal for the 2018 festival is to attract 300 to 350 people.

Citing newly made food service connections, Sanders spoke about her ability to assist with new events she felt confident in introducing to Westport Fall Festival fans.

“I know that I can cut a lot of the corners and save us a great deal of money with this,” she said.

Sanders explained new focuses on reaching larger groups of festival-goers by the addition of pie eating and baby contests, saying, “We just need to reach more people and pull them out of their homes. You don’t see these kinds of contests anymore. Let’s get everybody there for these events. This is something for everyone to enjoy!”

Finally, Greensburg High School history teacher John Pratt spoke to the DCVC board, explaining his goals for reaching more “out of Decatur County” people by expanding his publicity efforts.

“I have a fair amount of marketing knowledge, but so much of the funds we accumulate during Chautauqua have to go directly back into making it happen, and we have no money for marketing,” he explained. “I’d like to tell a lot more people about the amazing people who speak and the great things that happen here during Chautauqua.”

DCVC grants are paid to those organizations receiving them after the event in question has taken place, sometimes making the events difficult to fund initially.

Acting DCVC director Teresa Morrow explained, “Because we are subsidized by funds provided by public tax monies, we have to, first and foremost, be good stewards of that money,” Morrow said. “The organizations we support know up front that they can’t be reimbursed for their events unless we first receive their receipts. We want what is best for all the taxpayers in Decatur County, and that’s how we make it happen.”

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