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Goad-Pankalla performs at High Point

GREENSBURG — After predictions of rain threatened to dampen Fall Festival festivities over the weekend, All 4 1 Ministries hosted their first evening of worship under the stars at High Point Orchard without a cloud in the sky.

Roughly 250 worshippers gathered to enjoy a dinner benefiting the soon-to-open women’s shelter Speranza House, live music by the Well’s “house bands” Illuminate and Fire By Night, and the powerful singing voice and testimony of Carolyn Goad-Pankella.

Board president of All-4-1 Ministries Brad Sefton told the Daily News, “Carolyn has an impressive resume’. She’s performed for two presidents, Mother Theresa and even sang for Pope John Paul II. We’re very glad to have her here!”

When asked about All 4 1’s Executive Director Alex Sefton he said, “He’s an incredible man. I know he’s my brother, but I’ve never seen anyone with such incredible drive. He’s been ahead of his years for a very long time,” Brad said. “He’s a diligent student in school and he just gives and gives and gives. This ministry has grown because of his drive, his testimony and his talent.”

Sefton went on to say he thinks the ministry has hit its stride with monthly worship services at different churches.

“People seem to be responding, and we’ve actually learned a lot meeting the different people in the churches,” he said. “God has been amazing to us through this. We are so thankful.”

Continuing with their ministry’s mission, their next night of worship will be at 7 p.m. Nov. 4 at Greensburg United Methodist Church, in the GUMC Sanctuary.

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