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Building a ministry

GREENSBURG — All for One’s ministries has undergone a few changes and is sponsoring a special evening of worship March 3.

All for One Ministries Executive Director Alex Sefton recently said his faith-based 501(c)3 board of directors is growing.

“We just underwent a restructuring of sorts,” Sefton said. “Well, not a restructuring, really, but I proposed to the board that we add two committees.”

Since the Daily News first reported on them in late 2017, the ministry, self-tasked with the purpose of “bringing together the Christian community outside the confines of a single church or faith practice,” has undergone some subtle changes.

As Sefton and his non-profit board’s mission continue to develop a following” of believers (which could be considered a “congregation” of sorts), their ways of doing business has become more defined and their board members more focused.

“I asked our board to consider a fundraising committee and a marketing/communication committee,” he said.

Sefton admits not taking a serious head-count of worshipers All For One has drawn to their monthly meetings.

“I never paid much attention to that, really, and being at a different church every month means that that same number will look different in every church,” he said.

But, as any member of the Christian community can attest, the size of the physical worship space in any given church rarely correlates with the number of regular worshipers that space enjoys. And when one worships with the All For One ministry, one can expect a musical experience led by musicians with talents far above par and a message given by community leaders with a true and humble heart for Jesus and His followers.

“I know that should matter, but until now, it hasn’t,” Sefton said.

Having recently added GCHS languages teacher Abbie Covington, Kelly Wampler and Pastor Jon Porter to their board, Sefton is thankful that fundraising to fulfill A41’s mission has not been necessary.

“I am not much for numbers, but I know that at some point soon it’s going to become necessary to start watching those metrics if we are going to be writing any grants,” he said. “We are starting to look at what All Four One needs to accomplish if they want to grow, and how we’re going to be able fund plans beyond what we’re doing now. If we’re going to get more people in our doors, the outreach/marketing committee is going to become important further down the road, and if we’re going to try to move beyond just a monthly mission that changes, we’re going to have to start talking about grant writing.”

All For One Ministries’ evening of worship on March 3 starts at 7 p.m. at Community Church of the Nazarene, 711 W. Eighth Street, Greensburg.

All proceeds will benefit the Decatur County Agape Center and defray administration costs for All For Ones’ continuing ministries.

For more information, see All for One Ministries and Greensburg Agape Center on Facebook.

Contact Bill Rethlake at 812-663-3111, ext. 7911 or email at

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