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All for One worships at theWell

By: Bill Rethlake, Greensburg Daily News

GREENSBURG – Roughly 100 members of Greensburg’s Christian community gathered at the First Christian Church on Broadway Street for All For 1 Ministries’ official inaugural worship assembly on Sunday evening. Hands were held high and hearts soared in praise as the Illuminate band and Pastor Mark Bond created a locally unprecedented worship experience for the Decatur County faithful.

“This is our first monthly night of worship called ‘The Well’ and we have people from a lot of the local churches here to make some money for Bread of Life and to worship the Lord. It’s a lot going and it’s pretty cool,” Executive Director/Illuminate keyboardist Alex Sefton said.

Just shy of an hour, the evening was comprised of passionately performed contemporary Christian music by the Illuminate band, and a short message from Pastor Mark Bond, of Batesville Christian Church.

Bond, a relatively new pastor to Batesville Christian Church, preached on the topic of the woman at the well, his message punctuated with humor and shouts of agreement and inspiration from the congregants.

“This has been fun,” Pastor Bond said. “I met Brad Sefton while I was over here working out, and it’s nice to be able to see so many of the people I’ve met here in Greensburg in a different context.”

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