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Our Mission:

To change the lives of our community...

one cup and one heart at a time.

Why us? Why now?

At All for One (A41) Ministry, our mission is to unite local churches for the purposes of worship, service, and giving. To answer a question that has been asked by many: no, we are not a church. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on building bridges among those in our area. We want to see lives changed in Jesus' Name, and we also realize that the deepest relationships with God can be experienced in part through authentic, meaningful relationships among His people. 

This effort is all about our city. Everything about it is rooted in a deep and abiding desire to see lives changed in Greensburg and beyond. This community has a really special culture. While we have seen population growth in recent years, it's still an everybody-knows-everybody type of town. We love that. We want to capture the essence of our community in our community's gathering place. Your baristas will know you by name. They'll know your favorite drinks. They'll know when you're not yourself and when you might need a hug. That is what we're striving for: a place that knows and cares. Not a place where you are an acquaintance, but a place where you're a friend. Where you're not a number, but a name. And you're not a few dollars in the cash register, but a life and a heart that is worth everything. You are loved by God, and you are loved by us. That is what we are all about. Because this is a community benefit project, we are calling on the help of our community to make it happen. Every dollar, every idea, every prayer. It's all-important, and it is all necessary for this effort to be successful. We are ready to make it happen, and we are confident that, with your help, we will be able to make this community dream a reality!

The Name:

How did we land on the name "The Branch"?

You're not the first one to ask!


We wanted something that conveyed outreach. We are rooted in the needs of our community and reaching out to serve our neighbors.

Since the Tower Tree is the hallmark of our community, we thought it was only fitting to incorporate the tree into our community's gathering place.

John 15:2-5 gives us clear instructions to abide in Jesus as branches to a vine. Walking with Him, we are empowered to love and serve as He has.

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